Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Conversation piece

The second part of Christmas for us was marked by our moving inland to stay with the other half of the family. We spent the morning in Newhaven after checking out of our hotel, chatting as the girls got themselves up and ready for the day, eating turkey sandwiches and Christmas cake. It felt rather like a two-centre holiday as we gathered up our belongings and made our farewells… after doing the agreed LFD test, natch.

I’m blipping a photo I took after dinner in our Santa moment; I think it deserves a narrative just because of the facial expressions and poses. You have to factor in a second white cat and an excitable border collie puppy who keeps forgetting his lowly place in the pecking order but who in a week has learned to sit for a treat.

Our bedroom has migrated since we were last here and has moved upstairs, but the bed is as comfy as ever and sleep calls …

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