By madowoi

Looking at Wonderland from Ship Harbor

They dub thee idler, smiling sneeringly,
And why? because, forsooth, so many moons,
Here dwelling voiceless by the voiceful sea,
Thou hast not set thy thoughts to paltry tunes
In song or sonnet. Them these golden noons
Oppress not with their beauty; they could prate,
Even while a prophet read the solemn runes
On which is hanging some imperial fate.
How know they, these good gossips, what to thee
The ocean and its wanderers may have brought?
How know they, in their busy vacancy,
With what far aim thy spirit may be fraught?
Or that thou dost not bow thee silently
Before some great unutterable thought?

They Dub Thee Idler, by Henry Timrod

I'm with Henry on this one. Sometimes it looks like I've accomplished nothing all day when that's not necessarily the case. For example, this morning I went to the doctor, got a flu shot, and got some nasal spray from the pharmacy afterwards. Plus I've posted three photos today, not just one. Add in some great unutterable thoughts, and you get pretty busy day.

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