The second half of life..

By twigs

The answer........ Blowin' in the Wind

So given the huge amount of wind we've had today there must have been a huge number of answers blowin' around up there.  If only I'd thought to put my questions out there I might have some answers now.....

In COVID news last night's announcement of our first community case of Omicron came as a bit of a shock, despite everyone knowing it was only a matter of time.  Still, today's news that it was a British DJ, here for the R&A Festival, who had not followed the isolation rules AND had been out in enjoying Auckland's hospitality has, at best, "upset" the Covid Minister, Chris Hipkins and at worst, infuriated a raft of others.  The court of public opinion is not kind to rule breakers.

In other COVID news, there were 60 new community cases today, 44 are in hospital and 7 in ICU.  There are now 3 DHB's (District Health Boards) who have reached 95% fully vaccinated.  

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