Four Lap Parkrun

Thank you all very much for your comments on my 4380th Blip yesterday, overwhelmed.

Start of Year 13 today and, after an underwhelming New Year's Eve when we were in bed by 10 o'clock, we said goodbye to Euan and his Mummy and Daddy early this morning and headed out to Parkrun.  It was an unseasonably warm morning and a most enjoyable event with seventy lovely runners braving the gloopy meadow and wishing each other and us volunteers a Happy New Year.

I was marshalling by the main park gate so had a different blipping viewpoint today.  It's a four lap course so here you see runners in the distance heading off on their second, third, last lap whilst the speedy guys are already finishing.  The runner coming in second here is J, who is usually pushing baby R in his buggy and running with his wife, but today he was by himself.  The timers are regular volunteers A and J, the photo timer is D and Tony is overseeing the whole thing as today's Run Director.

Afterwards, we arrived home to a sadly empty house but thankfully the long journey was passed uneventfully and they are safely home.

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