Keith B

By keibr

Still Christmas

This is one of the few houses we walk by on the way to the lake. We were out late today so first it was getting very blue, and then it was getting dark. The advantage of being out then is that all the lights really show up well. This window is almost hidden behind the trees but from just one spot you could see those optimistic lights shining out.  It all contrasted beautifully with the otherwise monochrome world.
I decided to do an extra bit of walk as we got home so I walked through our hamlet and out the other side as it started to get properly dark. I took the extra photo (no 1 extra of 2022!) where I turned around and headed for home again.
That house and garage were built just a few years ago. The owner is one of three brothers who own a building company, and each brother has had a house built in this neighbourhood so I guess it's done to a really high standard!

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