By davidc

MM - Looking Back: "The Best of Last Year"...!

Apollofly is hosting MM this month, and for today's blip she says: "...look back through last year, find an entry you particularly like (colour or mono) and then re-create it, with a slight (or complete) difference to the original".

Well, Son#2 & his partner are still staying with us at the moment, and when they heard the challenge they wanted to "recreate" my blip of a baby seal at the water's edge, taken on 27th December here.

So he volunteered to pose as the seal with a dark rug round his head. We recreated the water using crumpled polythene sheeting wrapped over a crumpled bed sheet. More dark rugs were used to darken the background as the wall behind was rather bright.

Apart from the mono conversion, we wanted the vast majority of the mock-up to be done in camera - all we've done is a bit of selective lightening and darkening along with some variable blur.

Needless to say we had fun - the only real difficulty was stopping the granddog from photobombing it destroying the set-up with her enthusiasm to take part!

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