By davidc

Tiny Tuesday: Hope - "Dog-saster!!"

Pinkhairedlady is kindly hosting TT this month - many thanks to her. She wants us to blip something which gives us hope.

The granddog is delighted (as are we!) as her humans (ie Son#1 plus wife) have arrived back from Canada today and they'll stay with us for a few days before going home to Edinburgh (with dog).

So some belated Christmas presents were exchanged, including this game which we gave them called "Dog-saster"!. The aim is to build up a tower of these little plastic dogs - a bit like "reverse jenga", trying to avoid them falling down. It's decidedly tricky...and the tower in the photo was about to collapse! With every additional dog one has to hope that it won't fall down!

It's lovely that Son#2 and his partner are still here for another couple more nights, and Son#3 (who lives locally) called to have a meal so we were all together - it doesn't happen very often and it's so nice. They are all quite fond of cats, so they both have similar presents with little cats - called (no surprise here!) "Cat-astrophe"!

(PS I'd not noticed that there was a TT theme of "hope" this month but I realised that this blip was appropriate so I've modified the write-up!)

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