By JohnW

Work Resumes

They disappeared half way through December, but today the scaffolders turned up and it looks like all systems go again.
We’ve had a non-day today with our old laptop.  Had to replace the CMOS battery last week, and it hasn’t worked properly since.  Mind you it’s Windows 7 of 2015 vintage so long due for an upgrade, which is on order.
One area of success which I think some blippers may well be jealous of having read many comments about their GPs.  This morning I used ‘AskMyGP’ to ask for help with a back pain that has come on over the past few days (in the kidney area) combined with my shoulder injury ongoing from November.  I was expecting to be told to make an appointment with my doctor (which most likely would have been next week), but late this afternoon I got a call from our local medical centre / skeletal and muscular specialists, and I have an appointment tomorrow morning!

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