a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Floral Abundance

It having been Cathy's [  ]th birthday yesterday, we have one or two vases full of flowers around the place at the moment.  As it has been dark, dismal, windy and wet I thought I might as well feature some of nicer ones as my blip for the day.  

Some rather excellent news yesterday, in that the Bristol Four (as they became known) were found not guilty of criminal damage in taking down Edward Colston's statue.  Interesting to see Robert Jenrick MP, who was found to have acted unlawfully himself when he was a minister just last year, say that the decision to acquit would "undermine the rule of law".  The whole point is that the Jury coming to a decision on the evidence produced to them is an essential part of the rule of law.  Imagine instead that the Courts just  found people guilty just because a prosecution had been brought against them, as Mr Jenrick seems to want....

After yesterday's excitement I have been having a much quieter day today, preparing for the arrival of our next guests, who are due tomorrow evening - its all go Chez Sheol just at the moment.  So its been a day for shopping, baking bread and visiting Dad - all of which are well suited to today's weather.

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