By Viewpoint

Glistening in the sunshine

... one of those find a blip, any blip days.  This one stood out for me because of the sunlight glistening on the raindrops.  At the moment the garden is quite uninspiring and, as I tested positive for Covid this morning, I wasn't about to embark on a trip of exploration.  I'm not surprised about the positive test as I spent Sunday helping a friend to print some of her images for the YPU Exhibition and by Monday she'd come down with the virus, so it was odds on that I would catch it too.  She's in the very vulnerable category so far more likely to be affected badly by it.  (I think they have given her a course of tablets to take over the next few days.). Mine seems to be nothing worse that a slight cold, though I did wake early feeling a bit achey and uncomfortable.  I've been taking paracetamol.  I am a bit sleepy now, but am putting that down to my early start.  I finished off the cooker cleaning and re-assembling this morning and have just been out to feed the birds.  My very cheeky pheasant was also up on the higher bird table once I'd come inside.  I'd already spread food under the feeders for the pheasants, of which there are about nine regulars at the moment.  Fortunately most of them do not fit the `cheeky' label, though there are four females that are pushy.  It was interesting when my grandson tried to feed them because they disappeared into the bushes until he'd withdrawn.  I hadn't expected them to differentiate and decide I was safe whereas he might not have been.  It was a shame because he loves animals.

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