By Ingleman


 Last time I was in hospital they gave me the wrong blood. The notes said I was Type A. But it was a typ o.......

Nice day today - habitual tea and biccies in bed. Mrs I and I have been prepping the extension for painting. The walls are plastered and dry and we have rubbed down to have the smoothest possible finish.  Nice job but very dusty.

Then, whilst my long suffering but never complaining wife went to attend to her elderly parents I messed with the camera and lights, created more abstract masterpieces (!) and then took Hollie out for a much needed walk (for both of us)

We had a takeaway curry for dinner this evening and it was absolutely delicious!

Watched TV : Hairy Bikers in Yorkshire (fab!), Would I Lie To You (hilarious) and now my wife is watching Death In Paradise (not my bag)

So I am playing with Photoshop and planning my next trip out in The Cat. Probably April the way the stinking weather is behaving just now.

And I leave you with a question...What type of blood do successful people usually have?

Answer:   B Positive.

Goodnight, sleep tight.

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