The closest I got to excitement today

A day of relaxation for once. God I needed it. I spent the day in my office sorting through programmes and putting various updates in their new places... the pleasure one gets from being an anorak should not be understated.

Ottawacker Jr. was at his remote schooling and Mrs. Ottawacker was working away in her corner of the house, so I had the rare luxury of closing the door, putting on the music (The Magnificent Seven had arrived yesterday, so I listened to a couple of the MIke Scott medleys and wished, not for the first time, that I had invested more of my life in the late 80s/early 90s listening to music and not doing other things). 

Mrs O. took the boy out for a late afternoon skate (I would have, but, you know, hips, fear of cold, laziness) and on the way back they apparently saw this owl.

Now, owls are not that common in downtown Ottawa, so apparently there was quite a bemasked, socially distanced crowd looking at it and oo'ingn and ah'ing. Not sure whether they thought JK Rowling was auditioning for a Harry Potter 8 or holding a TERF rally, but I assume all were disappointed.

Is it even an owl? Can I post a picture I haven't taken? You know what? Who cares :)

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