Back to the routine

Second day in a row where I have woken up late in the basement... Staying up late and working is a two-edged sword...

The good side of that is that I have finished my translation contract ahead of schedule and now have potentially a couple of days off; the down side is that Ottawacker Jr. is in school and Mrs. O. is working.

Speaking of which, I was called in to do an interpretation job for her with a very nice Outaouais donor - not my field at all, philanthropy, but I think I conveyed the "your money is important to people in the region" and held off on the "give her your money now" pressure. As part of my fee, I  introduced Mrs, Ottawacker to the kitchen in time for her to make a vegetarian stir fry. Very nice it was too, and if she'd added some meat to the dish it would have been a very acceptable dinner. Oh stop it, you were thinking the same thing...

We're introducing Ottawacker Jr. to Trivial Pursuit. I think we have an American version because the majority of questions are either incredibly simple ("What continent is South Africa on?") or ridiculously obscure ("What color underwear did Lucille Ball famously wear on Episode 77 of I Love Lucy in 1957?) I suppose all editions are nombrilliste, but I despair of ever getting round a board with a full pie.

They were orange, by the way.

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