Catablog No 37!

Hello everyone, Happy Meew Year to you all!

It’s been way too long since I last spoke to you (can’t remember when it last was, this may not be chat No 37!!), but as it’s Silly Saturday, and as my Lady In Waiting has worn herself out today, lugging Christmas boxes upstairs and rearranging furniture, she’s allowed me to step in and talk to you.

It’s been a dark, cold, wet day so I’ve hardly left the warmth and comfort of my basket by the radiator. I may only be a fluffy cat, but I’m not daft! I heard a nasty rumour the other day that I’m off to see the vet on Monday, so I decided to protest by “helping” my LIW pack up the baubles. As soon as she put one in the tin then I swatted it out and sent it flying!

I’m not in my LIW’s good books for another reason, I’ve become a very fussy eater, and am refusing my medicine as well. She doesn’t understand that I’ve developed a sweet tooth. Luckily there’s plenty of cream and ice cream around at the mo, but my LIW flatly refuses to share her choccie Yule Log with me, no matter how hard I beg, and no matter how long I stare at her with my big, sad, pleading eyes.

All that typing has worn my paw out so I shall leave you with fluffy wishes for a happy and healthy meew year. Remember, take your medicines and eat all your food up, otherwise my LIW might drag you off to the vet as well!

As my LIW would say, take care, stay safe and well...

=^.^= Toffee

(Roadmap Out Of Lockdown Step 4b - Day 30)

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