By MarilynParker


The words on the edge of the lateral flow test box are somewhat ironic.
Today has been another wash-out with torrential rain and some hail. It was also blowing a gale. It stopped this afternoon and returned at teatime.
Hoping for better weather tomorrow.
So Djokovic claims he tested positive for Covid on Dec 16th yet there appears to be photographic proof of him at an event the next day. Now if he tested positive on a lateral flow test on the 16th, he would have instant results and should have been isolating. However, if it was a PCR test he may not have had the results the same day - however, a PCR test is usually done for 2 reasons - the first being that you have a positive lateral flow test and the second being that you have covid symptoms - both scenarios requiring isolation!
Pincocchio springs to mind.
Seems also very convenient to have caught covid while he is having a break and  not needing to play tennis!
I have been trying to get through some of the books I have (many) and so have not been ordering new ones - there is a need to free up some shelf space! However, I've gone and orderde a few today. Oh dear, the few spaces I recently freed up will now be full again!

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