This is how desperate I am for a blip today. 

Utterly without inspiration. Or motivation. 

Gary is tiling, Mrs I is shopping. I am deeply tired after a poor night's sleep, but at least I know I'll sleep tonight, I am fashed.

As it has now gone darker I am locking up at the back, never know what dangers lurk in the shadows of a suburban garden. Goblins and ne'er do wells.

It occurred to me that we have an awful lot of locks. And keys. 

With the new extension, the conservatory, and the porch we have no fewer than twelve lockable doors downstairs.

I counted key operated windows in the house. Twenty four. 

Our insurance on the house stipulate that at night-time and when we are out, all lockable doors and windows have to be locked, the keys removed and placed out of sight. Can you imagine?  No wonder we are always late for appointments. Pity the poor burglar. They'll be absolutely knackered trying to get in here. And very disappointed too. 

All that effort and nothing to show for it. It really isn't worth it, so if you are thinking of robbing us don't bother. The cupboard is bare!

Huge thanks for all the lovely comments on Hollie in flight yesterday. She is very happy you liked it. Me too, thanks! 

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