New kid on zhe block.

We are used to having 5 cats around the house but in the last couple of years have lost dear one's, and  now only have Sissi & Jerry, siblings from 2006 who are very set in their ways and particularly as Jerry has been blind for over a year, we didn't want to introduce anyone new.

However a week or two back, Angie saw in a local Facebook group, someone looking for a home for a kitten. She was taken by the photo & while didn't directly offer anything, did say before the kitten ends up in the cat's home, the person should contact her. She then got the message, the kitten had found a home. So all OK.

However, a few days got another call. The kitten didn't fit the new owners so they were going to bring it around to us...what time would be convenient, perhaps in 15 minutes???!!!!!

And so it was. Poor fella has been shunted around for weeks & probably months. Not exactly the 6-week-old kitten in the original photo. Seemingly someone in these Corona times had literally stolen the kitten from a farm yard but then didn't get on with it so locked it out of their house. It went to neighbours who fed it but noticed something was ´wrong. Spoke to the owners who said they didn't want it and the farmer from whom they "stole" it didn't want it back either.

And so Gizmo is now with us. We'll see how he gets on. First impression is quite good and so far there doesn't seem to have been any negative reaction from the two adult cats. Jerry can smell/sense him and would probably normally have given him a good right-hander but so far nothing.

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