By Barking

Tiny snail

I took Abe over to SR's house this morning to play with Hannah for a while. SR was at work all day and her hubby was playing bowls all day, so we thought it might be a fun interlude for Hannah to have a play date. As it turned out, it was a scorcher, so Abe didn't get a walk, so the play was good for him too.

A few errands and then I nipped out to our rental to open it up to get some air through. 

I did a spot of gardening, but it really was too warm. I moved some plant pots and found a snail colony tucked in behind them. They have all been relocated, but this tiny one did a spot of modelling for me first. It was incredibly small. I couldn't pick it up, but fortunately it seemed to be happy to slime wherever I wanted it to go.

Then back to the rental to help MrB pull out the kitchen. I carried all the bits to the trailer and swept up, while he ripped cabinets apart. It was good to be a little help, even though my strength is nowhere near his!

Homemade veggie burgers for dinner and Spiderman on the TV.


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