a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Little, but definitely not boring

Tiny Tuesday: Long Tailed Tit.

It has been another rather dull day here with occasional drizzle.  Despite that I enjoyed being outdoors when I went walking through the local woodlands looking for something to blip.  I spent some time stalking a little flock of long tailed tits, in the hope that I could get close enough to one for a decent shot.  I do like these birds, with their terribly cute faces.

As you can see from the 6,400 ISO setting, it was really quite dark.  Despite that I'm rather pleased with how this one cleaned up in the end.  Its far from perfect, but given the conditions it is quite a triumph from my perspective.

Obviously, this is not a macro shot although as birds Goth long tailed tit is definitely one of the smaller ones, so hopefully it will meet the Tiny Tuesday Challenge requirements.  

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