Mike Lincoln

By Linxpix

The Walkers, widwed120122,

Done for wide on Wednesday. theme "Black and White " Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting
Went to look for a landscape for "Capture 52"in a couple of weeks.
Met my friend Brian as he wanted to check out 5 mile bridge East of Lincoln for a future project as well.
What a fabulous day and we were blessed with a kingfisher, little egret, buzzard and the odd crow see extras :-)
Well I broke a glass yesterday which means I have only managed a third of Dry January !! 
On the model front the latest started simply enough , but I need to have a very clear head to do the decking !!
So it looks like the main waistcoat might be starting very soon as I found a different material shop that had a better buckle for the belt .

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