Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

What a day

Nanny duties today for both boys - childminders husband covid +ve so daughter having to find alternative childcare arrangements.

This is also the day that Poppy had been booked in for some dental work.

Hubby took Poppy to the vets first thing, whilst both boys took Caleb to school - Austin in the mood to walk, so took a bit longer than usual.

I had booked to see AJ this morning, not wanting to cancel, collected my sister who sat in the car keeping Austin amused whilst I visited her. She had decided to have a day in bed (!), she was feeling a bit achey but ok generally. Her phone was being fitted today, so hopefully that will improve things (although she is spending a lot of time in the communal areas in a wheelchair as still not mobilising independently, so may have lots of messages on her answer machine).

Following tge visit, a brief walk around the supermarket before returning home for lunch. Austin ate his lunch then offered for him to have a nap in his brothers bed (at nanny/grandads). He was very unsure at first, but after nanny offered to lie down with h8m whilst he slept, he drifted off to sleep. Managed to sneak out of bed and downstairs - he had just under an hour and a half, so he needed it.

Collected Caleb from school, dropped my sister home, then on to the vets to collect Poppy - she had had some dental work done, had pain relief and antibiotics on discharge and booked for next week to follow up. The boys were very good in the vets and pleased to see Poppy.

Our daughter collected the boys and then we went off to the restaurant (booked last week) for a lovely meal.

Got home ……………… you guessed it, both fell asleep! :)

What a busy day! Back to work for a rest tomorrow.


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