By Happyme


I realised that I hadn't actually mentioned the upcycling project in my blip yesterday! I found the merino wool cardigan at the community shop and it seemed a pity to leave it hanging on the rail when it could be keeping me warm! For some reason I have a real dislike of gold buttons but think with a quick swap for the coloured ones it will brighten up the beige for which I'm also not much of a fan!
Today was matting and the biggest attendance of nine, we've had since returning last September. We were working on three different mats and cutting up to start another. It was a hive if activity and a very sociable afternoon, three hours whizzed by.
I made biscuits and a nut loaf for dinner, biscuits weren't for dinner! 
I did complete another granny square in the evening while catching up with Call the midwife.
Another day gone in a flash!

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