By JanetMayes

Last light

I made a bit of time and space to photograph my marmalade today, trying to capture its glow as the light shines through it, but technical difficulties - reflections from the bright sun outside the window, and, after the sun clouded over, very muddy colours and low light/high ISO (because getting a tripod out as well is just a bit too much time/space/fuss - I really need to get past this, as I know it would make a difference) meant I wasn't very pleased with any of the photos. The best one, today's extra, is from my battered little Panasonic compact, which gave better light and colour than I managed with the Canon.

Instead, I've chosen an unplanned late afternoon wide landscape: I turned from clearing out pots to see the day's last, low sunrays illuminating the green and brown of a couple of fields while the rest of the scene was in shadow. This was all about the colour, so not contender for today's black and white challenge.

It was lovely and such a help to have J's PA S back, after her Christmas visit to her father in Germany,  which she had to spend almost entirely in quarantine because of the travel regulations introduced just before she went. She was still glad to be there. Her return helped me to catch up with some little jobs and then to spend most of the short, bright winter afternoon embarking on some much needed clearing up in the garden, to prepare the greenhouses and deck: it's almost time to start sowing vegetable seeds again, and it felt so good to be outside.

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