By ilkkavalkila

Abstract lights

The day wasn't inspiring photowise, but something came to mind in the evening: an old camera body and the Diaplan lens need to get out of the closet. The lens is useful only for colourful flowers or bright light spots. Not much of the first available, but plenty of the latter. The main blip is of the LED lights in the damson trees in front of the house with a passing car's lights and their reflections off the icy yard. The extra is the same LED lights through a porch window with raindrops on it.

Temperature up to +4°C today with some rain, turning roads and yards slushy and icy. One good thing about it was that it was a good time to wash both the van and the car.

Neck and left shoulder are quite bad now. I did a bit of forest work yesterday, but not much, not enough to be too much.

Not natural shapes here (Abstract Thursday's optional theme), but I'll tag this AT342 anyway.

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