By Pinkhairedlady

Muddy underfoot

A good nights sleep had by both Phin and myself (after the now obligatory game of getting him off my bed!) and we didn’t wake till 8.30. Nice morning walk to blow away the cobwebs before breakfast.

Mr PHL arrived at 10 to have his breakfast and take us back to the house so I could shower. I then headed off to the shops to swap a shacket which was wrongly sized on delivery. The replacement sparky started work at lunchtime and got in so well the builder will be able to carry on again tomorrow. The kitchen is starting to take shape and I’ve had a text to say the range will be delivered tomorrow. So it’s taking shape.

After a sandwich lunch Phin and I were dropped off at the site and went off into the woods. Met a couple of lovely dogs and their owners and a couple of very feisty dogs, one of whom rushed at Phin (playfully I think) and I think he slipped in the mud and ended up on his back with the other dog on top of him. The owners didn’t try to get their dog off though and it was only my shouting No that seemed to do the trick and get the other dog off. The owners did apologise but I hope I don’t meet them again!

Back to catch up on blip and go through the TT entries. Think I’ve almost made my decision but will kill it over tonight.

Mr PHL brought a Chinese takeaway over for dinner which was really tasty. A quiet evening watching some tv and I’m about ready for bed. One more wee hat made from scraps, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy making them.

Loved the way these tree roots all crossed each other. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting in the theme of natural shapes.

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