By Ingleman

To The Woods!

Another gloriously  frosty foggy morning. Everything coated in a fine layer of ice crystals, with no breeze and the sun rising through the mist. Perfect conditions for a brisk walk through the woodland at Perton. There is a natural burial ground here, a serene and quiet place, in amongst the trees. It is very well subscribed and I might put my name down for a plot. I like the idea of putting something back into the community. I could really throw myself into it!!

Many thanks for all the stars and hearts over the last two days. A bumper bundle for which I am grateful.

Hollie dog had a quiet walk this morning. Her paw is very sore but we don't think it is anything major. Vet appointment next week just as a precaution. 

Oh, and by the way... My blip for yesterday was used by the BBC, shown on the late weather forecast as I am a BBC Weather watcher. This is my fourth Editor's Choice and it is a lovely feeling to have your picture on the telly. Three seconds of fame! That'll do me. 

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