Hazel Catkins

Another unusually mild day today. An early start too. I didn't get up but I didn't sleep after about 04:00. I was listening to the radio - what a lot of NEWS. That kept my mind occupied.

A good garden session. I've cut back seedheads which I'd normally leave for at least another month. I might have been hasty as there's plenty of time for cold weather but I was in the mood. The bullfinches were in the garden again but they only seem to visit in the morning. I don't know where they go after that.

We went for brunch and sat outside. In January! It wasn't too chilly but also it wasn't lingering weather. These hazel catkins were dripping off a tree on the walk to brunch. A cheery sight.

After yesterday's blip I took a notion to acquire a new houseplant. I justify this as a) houseplants are good air purifiers, b) I like the look of them and c) I want to shop local and support an independent retailer who loves his plants as much as I do. I left with two scindapsus plants which will be efficient trailers before long.

I was going to prepare a curry for tonight but eating brunch probably means that would be too much. Could be a grazing, snacky evening meal. Hope you all have a good weekend ahead.

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