By DramaQueen


62 weeks ago yesterday (not that I’m counting), I broke my leg in a spectacular fashion (I’m not called DramaQueen for nothing!).

Today was my review with the consultant and he was delighted with how well everything has healed after viewing the X-rays and also how well I’m doing mobility wise.
So much so, HE’S DISCHARGED ME!!!!

He’s agreed to refer me to my local physio team, as the online classes aren’t really fitting in with my work schedule and it’s a fair way (and a full afternoon off work) to see the Salford team.
In the meantime, I’ve to keep doing what I’m doing but he’s urged me not to do anything that impacts my leg; he was horrified when I said physio wanted me to hop! I can walk, swim and cycle but I’m not allowed to run or hop.
It makes sense as part of the problem with my fractures was they didn’t just extend across the bones, they also extended lengthways (known as a Pilon fracture).

We thanked each other; he, again for the gifts I gave him last time and me for his good work fixing me.
I told him, with the greatest respect, that I hoped never to see him again. He took the comment as it was intended and said I can call his secretary anytime if I need him.

I made the rounds to see the frame nurses too, as they were instrumental in getting me seen in a timely fashion. The senior nurse said she’d hug me if she could, and wished more of their patients were like me.
Covid, schmovid..I gave her a hug! ;-)

I noticed after I’d posted that today is my blip birthday too (6 years on & off), so a double celebration!

DQ x

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