a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Rise and shine

Cold again this morning, although not as extensive a frost as Friday.  The frost on the right hand side of the valley has been there since yesterday as it is broadly north facing and doesn't see that much sun at this time of year,  whereas the opposite valley side faces South  and isn't anywhere near as white.  This is Newton Park again, the site of Bath Spa University's campus.  I've been waiting some time for a nice cold frosty morning with interesting sky which would let me make the most of this particular view, and this morning just about ticked that box.  Inevitably it does look better in the large version.

The newspapers are full of the party culture at No 10, and while Boris Johnson has apologised he doesn't actually believe that he did anything wrong, so the apology is rather meaningless really.  Fellow Boris loyalists are rallying round this weekend to try to get MPs to support him.   You can guess my views on the subject if I tell that when I look back to April and May 2020 I am reminded that (1) my own retirement party to celebrate a 36 year career was cancelled due to the covid restrictions and (2) much more significantly my good friend James, the singer in our band, died on 19 May and I was not allowed either to attend his funeral or meet with his other friends to mark his passing.

There, that's got that off my chest!

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