Lifted In

Back on the water! And I was one of the first boats in, at about 9am. After that, there was much lounging and spectating in the sun, hot rolls to consume from time to time, and the occasional foray on someone else's boat. And thanks to MrW for the able assistance, as ever.
However, for the moment, it's back home and an evening meal out beckons. To the Caley Sample Room, no less. As the Hearts game had a midday kick-off, hopefully most of the swarming jambos will have had their fill and will have legged it leaving the diners to enjoy a profanity free atmosphere. Alternatively of course, the ones that are there will be totally bladdered.
And both the goddam nippers have got wind of it and have invited themselves along. Mair effin expense. And other profanities.

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