By SparseRunner


Fingers crossed that the forecast for tomorrow is correct, and today is the last in the sequence of exceptionally dull days. The morning dog walk took me to the Ramsay Obelisk, a  relatively remote Turf zone that I promptly forgot to take! On my way back into town, I met up with local arch-Turfer Hodge, and we chatted for a while - about Turfing, and whilst Turfing. 

Back home, the City Vs Chelsea game wasn't a classic, but the better  team won. Then I got on with an intricate piece of programming before shopping for eggs and cooking kedgeree for tea. 

I'm not a big TV fan, but I'm currently watching two "great" series. "The Great" and "All Creatures Great and Small". Very different, but both have their merits. "The Great" was recommended to me by one of my young friends and although quite (comically) filthy and brutal at times, it has a depth of satire that is very well done: "Huzzah!" "All Creatures Great and Small" is the remake of a TV series based on a series of books, both of which I loved as a boy. This gives it a hard job to do for me, but there are aspects of it that are better than the original series.

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