Skyline at sunset

This is Pittsburgh from a parking garage where we were to go inside REI and get me some boots. I picked out a great pair for $250. Yikes! But at that price and that build, plus how I will only wear them a few times a year, they should last. No more slipping in snow. They didn't have the color I wanted, so they'll have them shipped to me. What matters is they felt comfortable, and they'll be on the way soon.

We also visited Ikea, Target, Trader Joe's and an Asian market. I got a desk lamp, two pillows, snacks and other things. The latter three stores are in the same area, so it wasn't difficult to do.

Driving in Pittsburgh is a nightmare, and I hate it. Especially at night! There's no grid, it's extremely hilly, two rivers dissect the city, and it's hard to cross again if you take the wrong bridge. Couple that with Waze not being helpful. There was a fork in the highway. Waze said to go straight and did not indicate that I had to bear left. So I went right, which technically was straight from the lane I was in. Got way turned around, crossed the river going the wrong way, took another wrong turn, more wrong turns and then finally, somehow, got headed in the right direction.

Annoying. Once again, something ruined my day. I also bought one wrong thing at Target, which upset me. I wanted a small hamper for my wool socks because I wash them differently than my other clothes, and I didn't want to keep digging for them in my normal hamper. I thought I got a good one but should have looked at the dimensions. It was a small bag for washing delicates, such as bras. Maybe two pairs of socks could fit in it. I thought it would unfold. Ugh. So dumb. For now I am still using a plastic bag to separate the socks. That's fine, but I feel uncouth.

Bleh. I'm tired. At least I got things. I am really excited about the boots.

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