By misswinterfinch

"It Will Stunt Your Growth" *

That's what I tell Dori Pickles when she sniffs my coffee.
We had an adventure on Saturday. (back blip)
I put Dori Pickles in her new, insulated cat carrier yesterday when it was Minus 3ºF. I drove to the Saturday Pet clinic for her to get up-to-date on shots, etc. Freezing cold. Got to the store only to find out it was cancelled! I got a 20% off coupon for my trouble and Dori got a practice run that included yelling, hissing, growling, singing (her, not me) all the way there. She was quiet on the way home. We can try again next week if it is warmer.
I probably won't return to the Vet Hospital until they get their vaccinations sorted out.

* That is what my mother used to tell me when I asked to drink coffee.

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