Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

More Trees!

Many thanks for all of the interest in the images over the last two days.  After my recent lament about whether to break the continuous run of posts, I've really enjoyed getting out in stunning conditions in recent days.  Maybe it was the relative lack of interesting conditions that was getting me down.

Three sunrises in a row would have been unprecedented and today the majority of the colour was at the opposite compass point to the rising sun due to low cloud on the eastern horizon.

I hadn't walked Pelsall North Common for a while so was surprised to see so much evidence of activity with areas being cut back and some invasive plants grubbed up.  The piles in the distance were the cuttings from thick grasses in the area in front.  When L and I walked there at lunchtime we also came across major areas of upheaval and removal of old duck boarding preventing easy access to some of the paths we use.  Hopefully this is a precursor to re-establishing the paths in the near future.

We had more family around for Sunday dinner, which included a slow cooked joint of beef in a casserole dish, complete with a litre of stock and vegetables.  It made the meat really tender so was a bit of a winner.

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