I seem to have had quite a busy day.  Not that I'm complaining,  it's just unexpected.   This morning I was helping a friend, and fellow blipper, who had discovered that some of her photos from 2018 had gone missing, not only from Google Photos but from iCloud too.  A bit of a mystery.  Whilst working on this our weekly grocery delivery arrived and needed bringing in and sorted, then a bit later a WRAP colleague dropped by to deliver some papers and have a doorstep chat.

There was just time for lunch and a little tennis from the Australian Open when I had to go into town for a dental appointment.   This involved twenty minutes with the hygienist and five minutes with the dentist and a hefty bill at the end!

From there I met up with Ann and we had a coffee at York's.  

The theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by ApolloFly is Things in Threes.  As we were walking back to the car along Henley Street I looked at the jester and in particular his three cornered hat, as was the hat of the head on the wand he held.  

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