By earthdreamer

Lighting up the Web

A day when my creativity was annihilated by my emotional investment in certain sporting teams. Fortunately, for once, it finished on an up note, with Leeds beating West Ham 3-2 in London. What a game! This is how football should be played. It was thrilling to watch, and completely exhausting. I think Roam has turned me into a genuine football fan for the very first time. My stomach was in knots for the last ten minutes. It's an impossible thing to explain.

I've largely been able to ignore the test cricket from Australia, almost glad we weren't competing in order to have less disturbed sleep. Perhaps because I was still somehow hoping for a miracle, I didn't sleep well and woke up early. I tuned in to watch the end of the Aussie innings, still a very faint chance that we can salvage a win. At 68-0, like many others, I allowed myself to hope. A fatal mistake. In less than two hours, we collapsed to 124 all out. This game is all in the head. As soon as we lost a couple of wickets the game was up and there was no pretence in trying to make it last any longer. I've never felt embarrassed watching international cricket before, and I've witnessed many sorry performances. This was the worst.

Between the cricket and the football I fitted in a run on the moor, steady away, my minor niggle settling down and not giving me any trouble. That felt good. The light on the Web Stones was amazing. 

And thanks for all the love for yesterday's shot. You're all very kind. 

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