An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A little bit of Lola love...

makes things so much better.

Warning to male blip of "women's troubles" below.  Please feel free to leave and come back tomorrow :-)))

After my horrible and very painful start yesterday, I was dreading getting out of bed this morning but to my utter astonishment when I stood up my hip felt strong and stable I was the most pain free I have been in months! 

I gingerly took a few steps steeled for the stabbing pain to suddenly shoot down my leg but nothing.  Managed to get to the loo without incident so decided to get showered while the going was good.

Once showered and dressed, I did a quick google to check if my gynae problem (large fibroid) could cause hip pain similar to arthritis, sciatica, piriformis syndrome and all the other hip / nerve conditions I've been having symptoms of, and the answer is a resounding yes!  

I phoned the Gynae consultant and managed to speak to her secretary, who was very helpful.  She actually had a letter about to be sent to me with results from my hysteroscopy and biopsy on 6th December (routine check given my symptoms but a relief to finally know there is no sign of womb cancer or pre-cancerous cells...just a massive bloody fibroid that's causing all sorts of problems.  I'll be 55 on Friday, I should be done with all this nonsense!)  She explained that I was to be given an open appointment and if I had another post-menopausal bleed, I should get back in touch and would be seen again.  I explained that had happened yesterday, so she gave me the number of the appointment's team at Ninewells.  I rang them and a new appointment will be sent out in the post.  The lady I spoke to there said it shouldn't be too long.  Fingers crossed.  The next step is a pelvic MRI.

That done I decided to venture downstairs and again to my surprise and utter delight, I was virtually pain free.  My hip feels the loosest and strongest it has felt in months.  The whole joint has been so tight, stiff and constantly aching, with the frequent episodes of sciatic / trapped nerve type pain.  

Given that I felt so good (it really has been the complete opposite of yesterday!) I was very tempted to go to the studio and do some painting (it's been so long since I've been able to get through there and I am desperate to draw / paint) but I was worried sitting on a firmer chair for a longer period might undo whatever good I was experiencing today, so instead I brought my drawing board to the garden room and began a project I was supposed to start this time last year, but didn't get round to it. 

I can't paint in this position as my drawing board is too upright, but it felt good to have a pencil in my hand again and be creating. 

I am pleased to report that my hip hasn't got any worse during the day and I am about to go to bed feeling as well as I did when I got up.  I really do think that my theory about the already large fibroid expanding and pressing on pelvic nerves then shrinking again after Auntie Flo's visit meaning less pressure on the nerves, has some credence.  I don't think it can be coincidence.

Anyway time will tell I suppose.  If I wake up tomorrow morning in agony again then my theory is oot the windae!

Lola came upstairs to see me this morning just before I came downstairs.  Look at her wee face.  She looks so concerned about me and she gave me lots of kisses and snuggled into me and wouldn't leave my side.  She's a real tonic :-)  

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