An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Afternoons and Coffee Spoons...

This blip is for 18th January

Talk about a mix up!!!  I blipped my blip for the 17th after midnight last night and didn't notice the because it was a composite shot, blip had slotted it into 18th Jan instead of the 17th!  Doh!  So rather than delete and lose your lovely comments, I have put todays blip (18th) in here!  Now hopefully you'll be just as confused as I am!  lol

So, where was I?  Ah yes, today...

Pretty much the same as yesterday.  If I thought lockdown was Groundhog Day before, well being stuck in one room brings Groundhog Day to a whole new level!

But even though it sounds as if I am complaining, I'm not.

Alan has had another good day, bright eyed, good mood, laughing and normal temperature and that is all that matters.   If he's good, I'm good :D. 

And it's not been a completely unproductive day as I finished crocheting my Gin Palace blanket!  Woo hoo!  By complete chance careful design, it also matches our bedroom decor so it can live in our bedroom in autumn /  winter and holiday in the Gin Palace spring / summer :-))

It's only my second attempt at a blanket and I am feeling quite chuffed with it, despite there being a few little mistakes here and there.  Makes it unique ;-))

Tomorrow I will try to be more productive and actually do some of the clearing out and tidying up here that I've been talking about since before Christmas.  It would be a good use of time as this is the perfect opportunity.  

David continues to be a star and made the most delicious dinner from the Roasting Tin Around the World cookbook that I bought last week (as recommended by blip pal Nicky. Thank you :-))  We had the roasted sweet potato, feta, spring onions and peanuts.  Absolutely scrumptious and all done in one roasting pan.  A thumbs up for the dish and ease of clearing up!  Made me feel less guilty at not being able to help.

Going to try and have a blip catch up then D will FaceTime me from downstairs for a blether and to remind me what he looks like without a mask!  

And for some reason THIS SONG has been in my head all day!!!  :-)))

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