An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Flower Reflections...


Woke up to a lovely day.

Kenny and Ele arrived just before midday.  Kenny and David headed off to play golf and Ele and I had lunch a long over due catch up.  Can't remember when it was just the two of us.  

The guys returned and we began my early birthday celebrations (it's not till Tuesday! :-) by opening a bottle of Prosecco.  Despite having been sitting quietly in the fridge for a number of hours, when David opened the bottle there was an almighty pop and the Prosecco scooted everywhere Grand Prix style!  So funny!

After our drinks we headed to Delivino for dinner.  As usual the food, the service and the atmosphere were fantastic.  Lots of laughter and being intrigued by two men sitting at different tables who we were convinced were twin brothers.  They were identical but no interaction between them and when one walked past the other's table as they were leaving we thought they would do a double take at seeing their doppelgänger but nope.  Very bizarre :-))

Back home for night caps and more chat.  Lovely.

My blip is the lovely flowers Ele brought.  

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