An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Evening Shadows...


It was all change this morning as after breakfast, Ele and Kenny left and Adrian arrived to play golf with David.  Three rounds of golf in three days...his hips will be creaking!  :-))

Agnes arrived just before two and we headed off for afternoon tea at Gloagburn (part of my Christmas gift from her)  It was lovely.   A perfect mix of sandwiches, little cakes and scones.  

We drove home via the scenic route with the sun setting in front of us the whole journey.  Very pretty.  

The guys arrived back from the golf with the hilarious tale of David's amazing tee shot at the 7th.  

Winter greens and still playing off mats, the ball in position, D did is pre-shot routine, addressed the ball and swung...then stood to watch the ball in flight and see where it landed, only he couldn't quite see where it had gone. It was then he heard Adrian laughing and upon looking down, realised the mat had gone flying 10 yards forwards but the ball was still sitting at his feet!!  Hahahahahahahaha....his golfing version of the table cloth trick!

Takeaway for dinner and a lovely evening chatting and laughing with Agnes and Adrian whilst joining in with some tv quizzes.  We declared ourselves geniuses :-)))

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