An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Day 2...


In the  Big Brother House Quarantine Quarter!

I woke at 6am to a text from D informing me that the news just in was Alan's support worker's partner has tested positive for covid.  Not good news for any of us, especially poor C.

Not much we can do other than carry on with what we are doing.  Alan confined to his bedroom and me confined to ours (David's been in the front bedroom since Tuesday)

On a more positive note.  Alan's temperature has been fine today.  He's only needed one dose of paracetamol in 24 hours so that's a huge improvement.  His mood has also been good.  David recorded him laughing heartily at some film he was watching and sent it to me so that cheered me right up :-)

David ordered two new thermometers as the ear thermometer we've been using we've had for years and it was recording differing temps in each of Alan's ears!  Thankfully the first of the new ones (he ordered another ear thermometer and one of the new type that you point at the person's forehead) arrived today (the ear one) and it gave consistent readings in both ears.

David is going to discuss the possibility of Alan getting an antibody test with our GP tomorrow.  If he does have or has had covid, he should have enough antibodies to show up on the test.  This way if it shows as negative to covid, we know it definitely is a chest infection and if symptoms  continue, we can ask for a stronger antibiotic.  Since he can't tell us how he feels or the symptoms he's experiencing, we don't want to just assume it is covid and not seek further treatment for a chest infection.

But in view of the positive test of the support worker's partner, Alan and I will continue quarantining in our rooms for the full 10 days (freedom on Friday!!! :-)

Of course when I worked that out, I realised I will be spending my birthday quarantining.  Oh joy.  As if January birthdays aren't sh*tty enough!  Just me, my crochet and a bottle of gin cup of tea.  David says it's a glimpse of my future.  Nice!

He's already skating on thin ice with the comment he made when he brought my dinner in, "alright Mrs L?  Its honey & mustard chicken thighs with salad for dinner today.  Have you got your teeth?  Better pop them in as the chicken will need some chewing.  Would you like me to cut it up for you? Don't forget to take your medication."

Any more of that talk and my crochet hook might be extracting someone's tonsils from a place where the sun don't shine! 

Tune in tomorrow for Day Three in the Quarantine Quarter where, if you're lucky, I might take you in my closet!  

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