An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

FaceTime time...

Another day in solitary confinement races by!

David brought me lunch and afterwards I fell into a deep sleep, a really deep sleep, and only woke up when he phoned me (I was so deeply asleep I hadn't heard his texts ping on my phone) to tell me dinner was almost ready.

Do you think he's drugging me?!


But you?


So not a very constructive day considering I have been asleep for most of it, although my new wool has arrived so I will make a start on crocheting the requested headband for Esme.  Will also do some for little Anna and Faith.

The highlight of my day has been a FaceTime chat with Alan, who continues to be in good spirits despite now battling an angry yeast rash on his cheek caused by the antibiotics.  He is such a trouper!  Full of laughter and that mischievous glint in his eye :-)).Apparently his choice of tv viewing has been shockingly bad today but he's promised to watch some great movies tomorrow as I've said I will join him in viewing them on the telly in my gilded cage :-)

David cooked another fabulous dinner from the Roasting tin cook book.  I am still awake so perhaps he's not drugging me after all.  Will type fast just in case I conk out though!

Oh, and after the Scottish members of the RPS received a little light chastisement via email for lack of engagement with the Society, I have signed up as an observer to an on-line event on Sunday.  I did try to book another online event before Christmas but two days after announcing it, it was already fully booked.  

I would love to get a panel together for a Licentiate but whenever I start seriously thinking about it, I lose confidence.  Plus my photography mojo is non-existent at the moment, although part of me thinks that after almost ten years of interest in photography,  I surely must have 15-20 decent enough shots to consider panel worthy!  

Think I just need to pull  on my big girl pants and apply myself!  It's not as if I don't have time on my hands!  

And with that I shall go and attempt another blip catch up :-))

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