An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sunset sunbeam…

The difference in how I feel from this time last week is night and day. Chronic pain really does take over one’s life in the most invasive way. Going from being unable to move without ending up in tears to the relief of being able to stand up without a sharp intake of breath at the stabbing pain has left me feeling 30 years younger!

I woke this morning at 6.45am feeling lighter, brighter and more positive than I have for a long time. I was up, showered and dressed and downstairs earlier than I’ve been for months.

I made good used of my time :-))

D and I enjoyed breakfast together sitting chatting at the kitchen table. Toast and marmalade and coffee never tasted so good.

While David took Lola on her morning moor walk I sorted through our Christmas gifts and took them to the parts of the house they belong.

Lunch then some crochet followed by menu planning for the weekend, Tesco online order completed, read some of my book, spent some time with Alan (he’s back to full health :-) then when David returned from the driving range we headed off out for a wee drive in the car (only my second time over the door since 6th December and the second time was for my PCR test!)

We ended up at the David Stirling memorial near Doune as I thought I might get a good sunset shot over the hills, completely forgetting that at this time of the year the sun sets way before it reaches the hills! Doh! So it was a sunset behind the trees instead!

I did take photos using the Canon but still having problems with Lightroom. Thankfully our lovely pal and tech expert Peter is coming for the weekend so I’m hoping if I feed him good food he’ll help me fix it :-))

Finally succumbed to a snooze after dinner but all things considered, this has been my most productive day in a while. Woo hoo! :-)

Oh and appointment arrived from the Gynae Clinic, 21st February so not too long to wait. In the meantime I will enjoy my current state and do my best to ignore the nagging fear of my pain levels returning.

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