An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Dust if you must...

Lola loves Thursdays.

It's the day my wonderful right hand woman Louise comes to press the reset button and make the house spic and span again.  I am always over the moon to see her...but Lola more so!

Poor Louise hardly gets two feet in the door before Lola is all over her, looking for cuddles, tummy tickles and treats.  Louise is more than happy to oblige.  Lola then turns her attention to Louise's bag of tricks and selects the dusters she's going to use to help Louise dust.   

She roots around in the bag, pulling out all the dusters, then with one, two and sometimes three in her mouth, she follows Louise around the place helping.  It's the funniest thing!  I am sure the treats Louise sneaks to her have nothing to do with her willingness to help!

She usually settles on a blue duster so I was surprised when she spent her time with Louise this afternoon, with a pink one.  I even commented to Louise that she must have a new favourite colour.  I should have known better.  Late evening I found her lying on the floor snuggling her favourite blue duster.  She must have hidden it somewhere so she could keep it and help keep the place dust free till Louise returns next Thursday.

What a clever girl!  :-)))    

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