An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Have a banana...

As our shower is still out of action, I am still using the shower in the pool room.  

This is the sight that greeted me this morning when I entered the pool room with only the light from my phone to illuminate the way till I reached the light switch (there is a light switch in the garden room where I could switch all the lights on before entering the pool area but that would mean disturbing Lola, so I enter via the other door!  :-))

The colourful and jolly site of the pool toys was so incongruous with the early hour, the dark morning, the howling wind (outside :-) and my less than jolly mood (having had a night of sleep disrupted by the stormy weather, painful hip, Lola barking. Unusual for her to need out during the night.  Think the wind disturbed her too) and David's alarm going off during the night so he could check on Alan, that I just had to take a photo of the colourful little bundle.  It did make me smile.

David was up and off early as he was playing golf at Dunbar with Kenny and Jim (and got a beautiful blue sky and sunny but rather windy conditions to play in)  Alan was up and off to Edinburgh with Ashleigh and Vicki for a spot of shopping, lunch then the cinema to see Cats (he loved it, the ladies not so sure.)  Lola had a romp on the moor with her boyfriend R, so just me home alone like Billy No-Mates.  Still it allowed me to start sketching out another art commission I've received (again can't share at the moment)  It's a fun one, but a challenge for my drawing skills.  Hope I can do it justice.  Will certainly give it a go!  

David arrived home at 6pm looking a tad weather beaten but happy (golf was good in parts :-)  When he was leaving Dunbar and put 'home' in the sat nav (to get traffic info rather than trying to remember where he lives :-))) it gave him the option to send a he said yes and I automatically received a text telling me he would be home at 6pm and that I would receive a further update should he run more than 10 minutes late!  The wonders of modern technology!

Of course being the dutiful wife I am, dinner was ready to be dished when he walked in the door dead on 6pm.  No, why are you laughing?  It was!  

Sometimes I am a good wife :-))

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