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By Damnonii

Golden Leaf...

I have a great sense of achievement today.  

Phase two of the clear out began.  This time in the wardrobe and chest of drawers in the small spare room.

Two large bags of clothes destined for the charity shop, 1 bag of miscellaneous stuff headed for the clothes bank and 1 bag of rubbish headed for the tip.  

I'm now left with an almost empty wardrobe.  It's a double wardrobe, which also has a full height shelved section behind a third door and 4 of the five shelves are empty now too, so I'd say that's a good result! 

 Of course it and the chest of drawers won't be empty for long as summer clothes cleared out of my wardrobe will soon be taking up residence yes I know I have far too many clothes but that's tomorrow's job :D

One of the items removed from a shelf in the wardrobe was the box of brooches I inherited from my mum.   I have gone through it a few times in the seven years since she died, to try and decide what to do with the brooches, and each time they get put back in their place and the box returns to the shelf.  This time I was hoping some decisions could be made as to what to do with them given that brooches are no longer in fashion and the chances of me wearing any of them are pretty slim.  

This one made me smile as it brings back childhood memories of her wearing it. She wore it on the lapel of a camel coat and I have a very vague memory of sitting on her knee and touching it.  I remember thinking it was a real leaf that had been dipped in gold.  It looked so lifelike.  This would be in the early 70s and that ties in with the jewellery mark on the back of the brooch.  

By Googling the jewellery mark I've been able to ascertain that it's a crown Trifari piece that was designed and manufactured between 1955 and 1969.   I suspect it was purchased in London in the mid-late 1960s.  

Of course it's not gold and it's not valuable (exact same piece for sale on Etsy for £13.68.  The ad says its brass.  Its not) but it is vintage (bit like myself :-) and of course in sentimental value it's priceless to me.  But who's going to be interested in it when I'm gone?  

Maybe I should just start wearing the brooches.  Start a new trend :-)  

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