An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Room service please...

By bed time last night Alan's temp was raised again so last dose of paracetamol was administered.  It was down a bit by 1am and normal by 3am.  When he woke up this morning his mood was good and temp was still ok.  That made me happy.  

Then we got the news that one of his support worker's partners has covid symptoms and got tested today.  Results tomorrow.  That made us decide that Alan should stay in his bedroom today and I should stay in ours, at least until we know the result of this test.  D told a white lie to Alan and said the tv in his living room was broken so he was happy to stay in his room and watch tv there.  

I was glad I relented a couple of years ago and said ok to a tv in our bedroom as it meant I could have my lunch whilst watching Escape to the Country with D, who was downstairs in the garden room.  We had a hilarious exchange of texts regarding the programme.  Sometimes we are such children!  lol

The good news over the day is that Alan's temp came right back down and he's been in a very cheery mood, laughing and blethering to himself.  It did creep back up slightly at bed time but he was due a dose of paracetamol and his antibiotic so hopefully it will lower again and he'll sleep well.

David continued to be the best butler ever, bringing me dinner and cups of tea and leaving them on a small table he'd placed outside the bedroom door.  He also left my laptop, crochet and book.  Excellent room service

So it's been a strange old day.  I am still praying convinced Alan has a chest infection rather than Covid, even though the situation with the support worker's partner is worrying (for them and us). I am looking forward to and dreading the result of the test in equal measure.  If it's positive then Alan and I will be confined to our bedrooms till next Friday.

On the plus side, might mean I will tidy my drawers!  ;-)

PS Thank you all for your lovely comments and concern shown on yesterday's blip.  It is much appreciated and a real boost x

PPS Extra photo added for clickychick :-))

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