Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Another walk

Another dry morning - I could see part of a beautiful sunrise behind the trees but we cannot get a good view of sunrises or sunsets from our area. By the time I went for a walk with Xena it was cloudy again. The woods are much quieter now which I prefer, it was so busy during the holidays.

I went grocery shopping which was also effortless, quiet and no queue, although they seem to be struggling in sourcing certain vegetables, tomatoes being one of them.

It is such good news that in the UK 3.8 million people have now been vaccinated and today another 5 million (over 70s) were invited for their vaccines. I know it is a small part of our population but if it was New Zealand it would be nearly 80% of the population! The UK have handled many things very badly in the pandemic but at least we are ahead of the game with our vaccination program. The UK is also a world leader in genome sequencing, facilitated by the state of the art Sanger Institute in Cambridge, which is why we could determine the new variants so quickly. Probably other countries also had other new variants but have not identified them yet. Adam was fortunate to spend a couple of months working at The Sanger Institute and said the facilities are incredible.

Another zoom camera club meeting tonight, we have a inter club competition with three other clubs and I was lucky to have a couple of images chosen for the competition.

I was going to tag this for Mono Monday but the theme seems too restrictive for me this week.

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