By TrishaR

Touchdown Cafe

Did a workout this morning then took Mum out for lunch to the Touchdown Cafe, which is next to Scone Airport. First time here and it was a success. Mum had the macaroni which she said was excellent. As you can see I had salad and quiche. Just as well as later on during the meal mum told me she noticed ‘I was getter fatter, putting on the beef’!!! S laughed as he had been informed of this a few weeks ago when he took my mum her shopping! Aye, ok mum I know I have that’s why I’m on the workout regime and more than that as exercise alone cannot reduce weight, have cut back on evening snacking.

The food was very good and also pretty cheap! All homemade there too. There was quite a few oldies in , it was busy.

After getting home I walked into town to get a birthday card and some toothpaste, walking home as the giant Wolf moon was rising .

In the evening before going to bed I flicked on to the news for a brief moment and had the misfortune to stumble across a video clip of BOJO out jogging along with his little dog. I can’t get that grotesque sight Erased from my mind. The pasty blue/white chubby legs with flowery shorts . Again I had the thought that Carrie must be a right thirsty piece of work to mate with THAT! UGH, another observation was that he had one of these stupid extendable leads with the handle! And no sign of poo bags as there were no pockets the. I thought the protection guys will have to do that no doubt.

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