Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Foggy sunset

Yesterday we seemed to be in a weather bubble, it was cloudy almost all day, yet the weather forecaster at 6pm said it had been a day of brilliant blue skies. Today was strange too, the fog hung around all day.  In the morning after a short amble with Gus, I walked up the Knott, thinking I might break through the cloud.  I did fleetingly and then it closed in again.  The extra was taken as the sky above partially cleared again, with a thick layer of fog below, obscuring the view into Morecambe Bay.  To the south there was a sliver of a gap between fog and cloud, and the sun shone briefly through it.

I had no expectations in the afternoon when I went for a walk along the shore, but the sun dropped out of the cloud and gave a brief and dynamic light show that was reflected in the estuary.  There was no breeze and the water was still but for a gentle ebbing of the tide.  After this was taken, there were strings of gulls flying low over the water, heading for their roost in the Bay.  Off shore in Arnside, there was a huge noisy roost of lapwings at the water's edge.

Thanks for all the love for Gus in yesterday's blip.  Today, he was limping with another thorn in his paw, and he may need another visit to the vet to remove it.  It's the legacy of Storm Arwen which wreaked havoc with the blackthorn hedge along the lane.  I've picked up the bigger thorny twigs, but it's the individual thorns scattered about that are causing the problem.

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